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Rug Cleaning

Think of how defenseless your poor area rug really is. It's subject to dust, dirt, mud, odors, oils, and even pet accidents, ash from smoke, and spills from glassware. You spot clean it and vacuum it, but is it really enough to neutralize germs, bacteria, and discoloration that go along with an assault of foot traffic? Parents in particular know the answer to that question. Add it up day after day, year after year, and you'd probably think twice about walking on your area rug with your bare feet, never mind sitting on it.

Still, you need a cleaning that will be tough on dirt—not your rug. That's where expertise comes in. Maintaining your rug's condition and appearance should not be secondary to concerns of cleanliness. Our professional rug cleaning delivers both.

Rest assured, Heaven's Best has been perfecting rug cleaning since 1983. Here's what we've found. A proper rug cleaning is just as much about your family's health as it is about preserving the rug's integrity and design. That includes color, texture, and material. Our rug cleaning will prolong the life of your investment while keeping your family healthy.

It's important to note here, not all cleaning methods will be compatible with the rugs in your home. At Heaven's Best, we take great care to ensure that the method we use is well-matched to your own individual rug.

We Clean Rugs in Your Home & at Our Facility

Oriental rugs, wool rugs, synthetic rugs, throw rugs, area rugs - we clean them all! We offer TWO cleaning options for your rugs:

1. In-Home Cleaning

We can clean your rugs in your home with our low-moisture process. This ensures that the backing of the rug and the floor underneath stay dry and the rug dries in just 1 hour.

2. Cleaning at Our Facility

We offer rug cleaning at our facility. This gives us the opportunity to provide a deeper clean as the rugs can receive a full flush to clean the fibers and the backing. This process is recommended for rugs that have been in storage, rugs with pet urine, rugs with heavy stains and spills, and rugs with high amounts of dust and hair.

Our trained technicians will inspect the rugs with you and recommend the best cleaning method for each one.

Whether we clean the rugs in your home or at our facility, we will get your rugs looking and smelling fresh and clean!

Here's Why Heaven's Best Rug Cleaning is Favored by Homeowners and Business Owners Alike


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